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Memorable Dj Equipment with Two Packages to Choose from.




To the left is an example of a possibility with our lighting professionals.

What ever your needs are for sound and light we can help. Our professionals have provided sound at events with guests ranging from 40 to 700 people.The music equipment we use is name brand and is regularly maintained. Equipment used will depend on the nature and size of your "Special" event. We Can Do It!



This is where the Boom comes in to your event. Depending on how much you need or want will depend on how much you get. We provide two different packages to choose from, Package 1 or Package 2.

Below is a list of available Dj equipment packages:

Package 1: This package is designed for an event with up to 100 on the dance floor.

1200 watts of powerful sound
3 x 18 inch DAS and PAS Subwoofers
2 x 12 inch highs and mids

Disco ball with various lights.
Smoke machine

Package 2: This package is designed for an event with up to 700 on the dance floor! This is bigger than most dance clubs one can attend in Albuquerque.

10,000 watts of power
4 x 18 intense earthquake producing 1500 rms subwoofers by Cerwin vega
4 x PS1 Prostacks

8 x Martin c500 15 gobo paterns 15 colors.
1 martin magnum 2000 smoke machine
G-beam laser with liquid sky tunel effect

Both Sound packages have the potential for a band or a couple of musicians to patch into, which could potentially mean that if you have a few musicians in mind it is possible that we can hook them into the Memorable Dj sound system.


Definately a small fraction of what is available as far as speakers from Memorable Djs!


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